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Direct Care Endocrinology

Where your health is my priority

"If you are seeking a physician who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and takes the time to actively listen to your concerns, my practice is the perfect fit for you."

What is Direct Care?

Peach State Endocrinology

   Direct Endocrinology care is a healthcare model that emphasizes more personalized and accessible care from an endocrinologist. This approach aims to foster stronger patient-doctor relationships by providing patients with increased time and access to their healthcare provider.

   Unlike traditional healthcare practices that rely on insurance billing, Direct Endocrinology care operates independently of insurance. This allows physicians to focus on quality patient care rather than the pressures of managing a large patient load. Instead of insurance billing, patients have the option to pay for services through a membership or fee-for-service model.

   While Direct Endocrinology care does not bill insurance for its services, patients can still use their insurance to cover other healthcare expenses, such as labs, imaging, and medications. For additional details, please refer to our pricing and FAQ sections.

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Benefits of Direct Care

Direct Care Endocrinologist
"I am committed to providing personalized care that is tailored to your specific needs. With direct endocrine care, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible care. I prioritize your health and well-being."
Dr. K

Same day or next day appointments and convenient appointment times to work around your schedule for our members

Minimal to no waiting time

More time with your Endocrinologist during your visit

Access to your Endocrinologist in between visits

Transparent pricing with no surprise bills

Discounted lab pricing

Benifits and Cost of Direct Care Endocrinology


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Direct Care and
Peach State Endocrinology

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